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Skyrims graphics have been a general improvement for the Elder Scrolls Series.  Featuring 3D Models and Textures which are more convincing and real.  However, despite being technically superior, I’ve always felt something missing from Skyrim.

One of the reasons why I loved Oblivion was the bright vibrant colours.  Which were exageratted yet they enhanced the feeling of making the world appear as a magical fantasy land.  Whereas Skyrims graphics are gritty and have a darker colour pallete.

Even if its not realistic, I’ve always been a fan of bright vibrant colours.  Which is probably why I like a game like Kingdoms of Amalur with its vibrant Artwork style.  Extending further with my fascination with Hindu Arts and Anime which explode in colour.

Try as I might, I found Skyrim hard to get into on this basis alone.  Which I then sought out to MOD Skyrim to somewhat mimick the colourful style of Oblivion.  And found a small change made a HUGE difference for me personally in my experience of the gameplay.  I no longer felt I was in a dry, cold land.  But a vibrant, magical and mystical world.

These given adjustments can only be done if you have the PC version of Skyrim which allows you to mod Skyrim accordingly.

First step, it helps to have downloaded the latest Hi-resolution texture kit which was released by Bethesda at the time of the Creation kit release.  I scoffed at this at first, not thinking it would make much of a difference.  However, it really does make a significant difference in the level of detail.

Next, I downloaded and installed the FXAA Tool for Skyrim which allowed me to Overhaul the colors.

Upon installation, I only toggled the “Tone-Map” feature to be active

The remaining tabs I kept toggled off which includes Pre-Sharpen, Technicolor Sepia, etc.  You can see by the screenshots below exactely how I adjusted my selected tabs and their slider positions (Click to Enlarge)

Skyrim FXXA Settings

I’m pleased with the results even though its a subtle change.  Its only really when I made the given changes could I find myself to care or immerse myself into the world of Skyrim.  As its a subjective point of view and my particular taste.  You can see some of the screenshots below for the results.  (Click to Enlarge)

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