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Need for Speed World : Nothing better than playing with a bunch of other live human players.  Need for Speed World is also free to play which is a bonus.  You can upgrade the class of your car and pay as you go.  It’s great just to be able to chat up people as you play along with them.  While forming some new alliances at the same time.  If you want to continue to interact with your friends outside of the gaming world, check out the Need for Speed World Facebook Club. (Platform : PC)

Need for Speed Underground 2 : The best part of this game is that it encourages the Tuning car culture.  The graphics are still surprisingly good, even though this game is more than a decade old.  Nothing better than amping up your common place car with a Turbo Charger.  The racing here is fast paced with in an exaggerated manner.  Making your adrenaline run at its highest in some intense battles.  (Platforms : PC, PS2, Xbox, Playstation Portable, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS) 

Mario Kart : Still one of the best racing games.  Plus you don’t need to have a very powerful system to play it.  Since you can always place this via an emulator.  Mario Kart doesn’t take itself too seriously and is cute, fun and friendly.  Great to play with kids, as it doesn’t have the sense of intensity and seriousness of some other racing games. (Platforms : Nintendo, PC Nintendo Emulator)

Split Second : Nothing like playing with a friend by your side while racing head to head.  Too many games only consider online when looking at the the co-op experience.  Whatever happened to the old fashioned way of having a friend over at your place and playing head to head with a split screen?  This game does also work as a great single player game.  What makes this game even more fun is the sense of destruction.  Nothing like having explosions and bombs fire off everywhere you go as you drift through a tight corner.  The graphics and visuals are also superb relative to the time the game was released. (Platforms : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Playstation Portable, iOS)

Blur : This is a unique game which goes beyond just racing.  Your cars have different respective tools which you can use to take out your opponents.  Such as having guns and traps you can leave for your opponents.  The graphics are a little weak on this game.  But if you are here for the racing this offers you something a little different with some unique challenges. (Platforms : PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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