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Oblivion by Bethesda Softworks is a seriously cool game.  Originally Oblivion was released in 2006.  However I stumbled upon it and started playing it in 2009.  Mainly because in 2006 I was taking a hiatus from playing Video Games.  And getting other “important” things in my life together such as my career.  But here in 2013, I am still playing it!  Making it one of the games that I have played the longest.

I have finished *almost* all the quest in the game.  And have created multiple characters following different paths.  While having played through all the different DLCs like Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine.  Yet have continued to play it with the vast supply of user created Mods and Expandable levels (On the PC Version).  Such playing through Morroblivion which combines the world of Morrowind in the Engine of Oblivion.

I first played Oblivion on my PS3.  And was just blown away by its flexibility and Open World.  If you wanted to be a thief running around and robbing peoples houses you could do that.  And that could be a game in itself.  Or you could meticulously follow every side quest.  With over 200 hours of Gameplay in Oblivion it was hard to get bored.  I never had been so captivated by an Open World game.  The game that came closest to that level of addiction was Ultima 6.

Upon completing the main quest in Oblivion I wanted more.  And then started seeing Videos on how Oblivion could be modded and customized with the PC version.  It was Oblivion that inspired me to get a powerful enough PC to play the latest games(In Maxed out Graphic settings).  As it showed me the difference between console and PC gaming.  And the power of modding, with the difference it could make with customization.  I have never been happier since purchasing a Games PC and playing my modded Oblivion.

Skyrim is now the popular Bethesda game right now of choice and garnering all the attention.  And on the sidelines we are all patiently waiting for The Elders Scrolls Online.  And waiting to see if it will live up to all its hype.  And If it will actually capture the Elder Scrolls open world feel in an MMO.  Or if it will just end up being another grindy and repetitive MMO like World of Warcraft.  Yet still Oblivion is always number one in my mind.

Perhaps I am biased by the fact that its the first Elder Scrolls game I played.  For some people they first played Morrowind or Daggerfall.  And from that point, that became their reference point of what an Elder Scrolls game should be.  And considering each game is so different with its own merits its a tough task to make comparisons.

But Oblivion to me is the perfect high fantasy video game.  Which follows suit with traditional medieval RPG themes like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.  (Minus the fact their are no dwarves in the default Oblivion.  However, with mods that’s a different story).  Everything from its Epic Music, Bright Colours, Artwork Style, Variety of Landscapes screams of the High Fantasy RPG that I have always been waiting to be brought to life.  Where every inch of it feels like a magical land.  Sparking the curiosity to want to explore more.  And it brings every fiber of nerd / geekiness in me and shamelessly celebrates it.

While I enjoyed a game like Skyrim ,it just wasn’t that same compared to Oblivion. I didn’t want to explore every inch of the land.  I didn’t take joy in doing all the little things like collecting new armour and trading.  And the cold bland land made me feel equally cold and bland in my mood.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Skyrim and thought it was a great game.  Just wasn’t my preference the same way I prefer Rock Music over Hip Hop.  Yet I appreciate both genres of music.  In the end its all art and different things move different people.

It’s a little crazy that I am so obsessed with Oblivion. However Obsession is its own virus and takes a life of its own.  But its great to always feel passionate about something.  Even if its as trivial as a Video game.  It reminds us of why we are alive.  And provides an opportunity for self reflection of WHY we like different things.  Which in the end helps us learn a little more about ourselves.

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