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Title : Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

Rating : 8/10

Platform Reviewed on : PC

Platforms Available : PC, PS3, XBOX 360

Release Date : February 9th 2012

In the year 2012, it’s a tough call for a RPG to stand out amongst the crowd.  Yet despite all the noise, Kingdoms of Amalur manages to make its presence known.  Especially at the given time, Skyrim is hogging a fair share of attention when it comes to RPGs.

However, as much as I like Skyrim, it does have its gaps.  Which is why I took notice of Kingdoms of Amalur.  Skyrim seeks to make an impression by the immensity of its world.  Providing us with one of the largest virtual worlds delivered in a Video game.  However, with its size comes opportunities for loose screws.

Yet Kingdoms of Amalur is a sizable game in its own right.  Offering over 100 hours of gameplay, when you factor in the side quest.  (The main quest can be completed in around 25 hours).  However, the developers have been careful that the size of the game hasn’t detracted from the quality of the experience.  Sharpening elements that may be considered loose in Skyrim.  Such as engaging Arcade Action Combat and diversified quest.  For all that Kingdoms of Amalur has to offer, its tightly wound together.

My favorite aspect of Kingdoms of Amalur is the breathtaking artwork and theme.  The 3D models may not be technologically be the most sophisticated.  Nor are the textures of any exquisite detail.  Yet, the style of the artwork utilizes a vast array of colors.  Providing those moments of awe, bidding you to simply pause and stare at the beautiful fictional world.

While it is not as much of an open world game like Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur still has a strong open ended element.  Allowing you to partake in different quest in the sequence you prefer.  And even commit crimes for the sake of doing so.  Such as attacking innocent villagers or stealing from them.  Which we all know is what often makes open world games fun.  Allowing us to partake in Taboo activities we couldn’t otherwise do in real life.  It would be best described to have a level of freedom similar to a game like Grand Theft Auto.  Which provides just enough freedom for you to have fun, without being inundated with detail.

Kingdoms of Amalur doesn’t try to bring anything new to the table.  Nor should it, as it executes and delivers upon what is promised very well.  Namely an engaging RPG with some great Arcade Action.

The action is truly of an Arcade Action caliber.  Which made me almost forget at times that I was playing an RPG.  With the game providing a variety of different ways to fight.  And offering gameplay elements which I found genuinely challenging.

Kingdoms of Amalur is a breath of fresh air, while paradoxically providing a level of familiarity.  Implementing a successful formula combining fantastic artwork, combat and diversity.  With the plethora of titles being released each month, its likely that Kingdoms of Amalur may in fact make it on your Top 10 list of RPGs.

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